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All AERE Marina products are made from a single shot plastic injection mold; this process excludes the use of junctions ans seams strengthens the product. our customized mixture is resistant to UV radiation, is stain proof, does not scratch the hull and will not deteriorate in a marine environment. This flexible EVA compound allows the products to remold to their original shape even after heavy compression.

For additional information or a quote on your marine project, please contact us at, see the Gallery Page for pictures of items in use.

  • Bend Fender (Model 599)

    Size L 11.8 x H 6.9 x D 4.3

    Built for corners of fixed and floating finger piers where space is limited but maximum protection is required. Rated for boats up to 52' and 22 tons. Includes mounting washers.

    $42.95 Inquire About this Product

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